Buying a house is often the biggest financial investment they have made in their life thus far. This is true for nearly everyone from first time buyers to those on their third or even forth move – even for investors, whilst it may not be the biggest purchase or investment they have made, it is still a big decision.

Because of this, then, it’s important to always get mortgage and financial advice from someone in the area you can trust – in an area like Stourbridge for instance, there is a massive variation in the kinds of properties available. In this relatively small town, you can find everything from new build homes to old, characterful period properties. It is because of this that it is really important to get advice from a local advisor who lives and works in the area and is able to provide you with advice you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Misbah Zulfiqar is our advisor in Stourbridge, based in the offices of AP Morgan Stourbridge, one of the areas’ leading estate agents. Her local knowledge, years of experience in the industry, and the relationships she has built over the years have made her an authoritative, trustworthy figure in the Stourbridge mortgage advice industry, who has helped many people in their home moving and purchasing journey.

If you’re looking for mortgage advice or financial advice in Stourbridge, you can contact Misbah on our website.

Buying a house in Stourbridge? Getting good mortgage advice is crucial. Here’s why…

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