Getting mortgage advice from the right advisor that understands your situation is crucial when moving home – not only does it give you a better idea of what you may be able to improve, but you can also get advice on your overall financial situation from a Morgan Financial Solutions financial advisor to assist you in your current situation to assist in other areas of your financial life too.

We always recommend getting advice from a financial advisor as early on in the process as possible, as this means that you know exactly where you stand at all stages in the coming moving process, including right at the start of your home move. This reduces the potential for delays throughout the process, the risk of fall-throughs, and other hiccups that can often happen throughout the home move process.

It is also incredibly important to make sure that your mortgage advisor is local to the area you are moving to – for example, if you are buying a property in Redditch then It is important to get advice from a local mortgage adviser in Redditch – like our own advisor, Daniel Farley. Daniel is based out of the offices of AP Morgan Redditch, the leading estate agents in Redditch, and so has loads of incredibly useful local knowledge that other mortgage advisors, or call-centre advisors, would be able to provide.

The critical role that mortgage advice plays when moving home

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