When looking at getting financial advice or mortgage advice, these kinds of terms can be confusing – after all, if you’re moving or looking to move there are likely a million other things happening around you as well, and looking at all of these different kinds of financial and mortgage advice may not seem like a priority, but the impact it can have can be great.

To put it simply, when we say our advisors offer ‘whole of market advice’ or that they are an IFA (independent financial adviser), this means that they can see everything currently available from all lenders and panels on the market – they aren’t tied into any selection or even single lender. If you visit your bank’s mortgage advisor, they will only be able to show you offers from one bank. If you visit an advisor with whole of market access, they will be able to show you the offers from your bank and everywhere else! If you find yourself in Stourbridge town centre, just a short walk down the high street from your local bank to AP Morgan Estate Agents in Stourbridge can potentially save you thousands!

‘Whole of Market’ and ‘IFA’ – what does it mean?

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