Darin McLean

I work across the West Midlands, helping to make the purchase of a home and the acquisition of a mortgage a straight-forward stress-free process for my clients.

My service is highly personalised, with meetings usually held in the comfort of my clients’ homes or offices at times that are convenient for them including evenings and weekends. My clients therefore have more opportunity to relax and enjoy the excitement of this big event in their lives with the added convenience that I will work around their busy lives and schedules.

Meeting and building strong and lasting relationships with people is what I enjoy most in life.  This means that understanding my clients’ lives, and especially their hopes, dreams, plans and requirements, comes naturally to me. It also means that I will offer the best possible and most holistic advice and service.

The mortgage market is daunting, with hundreds of lenders and thousands of products available. I pride myself on doing extensive research to find and recommend the most appropriate and best mortgages for my clients, especially in situations where income types, advanced age, past credit issues or other complexities present challenges in regard to finding willing lenders with favourable products.

The market also offers a wide range of providers, and highly diverse products, for protection and insurance.  An essential part of my service is informing and educating my clients about the options that are available to them to help ensure their family’s financial and life plans will not be completely derailed by unwelcome developments like illness, accident, job loss, or even death.

I have significant experience working outside the financial services industry. This is important because it gives me great insight into just how valuable it is for an adviser to take time to explain in clear and simple language the developments at every step of the process. I always keep my clients up-to-date on what I am doing for them and also on what they themselves may need to do.

The friendly and professional team at Morgan Financial Solutions provide me with excellent back-office support and give my clients the full confidence of a large organisation that backs up and guarantees the advice and services I provide.

In my free time I’m involved in several charities including Age UK Coventry, Stratford-Upon-Avon Rotary, and my local village hall where I’m the licensed publican for fundraising events. I also love travelling, particularly to Italy where I had the good fortune to live for a number of years, and also to the USA, my birth country.  I have dual UK and US citizenships.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll become my next client.


Thanks to Darin I still have my home.

I took out a shared equity mortgage several years ago when the expectation was that house prices would continue to rise at a modest rate.
In addition there were a few other financial issues that had the potential to cause mayhem and it wasn’t a simple fix.

House prices didn’t rise and I was left in a situation that could have resulted in me losing my home to pay off the builder. This would have caused all sorts of problems not least the issue of where to live.
The financial advisor I was using at the time left had me to my own devices when she realised that there was nothing she could do and in fact I never heard from her again.

By sheer luck I spoke to Darin when he was going through some client lists and after explaining the situation and taking a look at the paperwork he offered to try to help.

Darin was always 100% up front in his assessment of the situation which was that I might very well need to sell up to pay off the builder but he also stated that he would do everything in his power to arrange a remortgage.
Due to my age (mid 50’s) and the fact that my property had not increased that much in value it didn’t look good.

It took a few very challenging months and a huge amount of effort on his part, but Darin was finally able to get me a mortgage that meant I wouldn’t lose my home.
His tenacity and commitment made it possible and in all honesty I doubt that many advisors would have stayed the course (one didn’t)
Darin constantly kept me updated and was always 100% honest in his dealings with me -even if it was news that wasn’t very good – and took the time to explain things clearly so that I understood. He constantly chipped away at it and really did go over and well beyond the call of duty.

If it wasn’t for that attitude he has I wouldn’t still be living in my home.

It’s not a rare thing to find people who give good service but it is rare to find people that are completely trustworthy, honourable and actually care about the outcome of their clients. He is a true professional and I can’t recommend Darin highly enough.

Dave Akbar

Please call me on 01386 793590, mobile 07946 499382 or email me at darin.mclean@morganfs.co.uk

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