Forest of DeanThe Forest of Dean is situated in Gloucestershire near the border to Wales. In a census in 2014 the population was said to be 83,700.

You will find a wide rang of properties around the Forest of Dean from simple flats to multiple bedroom houses out in the countryside.

The forest was used as a producer of oak timber.
The Forest of Dean is looked after by the forestry commission so that everyone can enjoy it.
It used to be a royal hunting forest before it became a source of wood for the navy’s tudor warships. By the Victorian times it was a major sight for coal mining and tramways.
Nowadays the forest is home to a variety of wildlife. There are four main visitor sites which are:
Symonds Yat Rock
Cannop Cycle Centre
Beechenhurst Lodge
Mallards Pike Lake
The benefits of using local advisors is because they will know a lot more about the area and the history of it to be able to share with their clients when deciding whether or not to purchase a property in that area.

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